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My First YouTube Video!

Toning my bleached hair with Wella T-14!

I love to do my hair, it is one of my favorite things to do. Admittedly, I have only been dying and bleaching and just generally wreaking colorful havoc all over my hair for only a year or so. However, I have performed probably between 15-30 color processes on my hair in that time(and no, it didn’t fall out!) and have really learned a lot about all of the science that goes into getting hair to be the perfect color, and toning is my favorite example of this science to get the PERFECT blonde!



“Ay, no; no, ay;”

I am, admittedly a very passionate music lover. I can’t say that I’m super original and that I have the ability to create great music; but I’m pretty damn confident in my ability to love and be inspired by the combinations of words and noise that I surround myself with everyday.

Two years ago I would have told anyone who asked that my life dream would have been to become a doctor one day.

I had convinced myself that one way or another, my greatest contribution to the world was going to be as a physician.

While the list of things that attributed to my complete change in life goals is long and numerous, the spark that started the still-roaring musical fire in my brain was this beautiful album:

But MUCH more on that in the future..

I’ve always had an unusually deep obsession with the world of music, media, and pop culture in general. This definitely spurred from my almost natal-to-now following of Britney Spears.

What always fascinated me was how all of these different worlds all seemed to blend together, especially as technology and social media continue to bring the audience so much closer to an artist.

I found myself at some point in time consistently checking the Billboard charts, reported sales for music, and eventually “going deeper” into an album or song by learning about the multiple aspects of music production from audio/visuals to lyrical creation and even all of the A&R and other string pullers’ contributions in the background.

As I’ve grown older and frankly just experienced the turbulence that is the tidal wave of a teenage/young-adult life, my tastes in music have become very niche-y. I definitely trust my ears, they never lie to me. 

This happened (and still happens) in ways that I don’t even realize, which is why I’ve come to value the knowledge gained by learning about a piece of music beyond the artist who is singing.

When it comes to audio production and lyrical composition, these areas of creating an album or a song are 9/10 times collaborative processes. Having that basis of knowledge allows any music listener, especially in the age of music streaming, to explore and discover new music that has so much in common with one’s already adored pieces of work.

I’ve personally delved in these areas for no other purpose than my own selfish enjoyment of discovering new music and falling in love with new and old artistic sounds everyday–and I like to believe that one day I’ll be able to create music exactly the way I want to, but this boy stuck in his college dorm definitely knows how to dream if nothing else.

For now I suppose I’ll just throw my opinions out there and let the world know what I’m listening to, and exactly when I’m listening to it–that’s the beauty of 21st century technology.

"I was always drawn to the self-destructive kind of way. I thought there was something beautiful about it; I don't know why."